DE Environment Roadmap
we work to actively engage with are customers throughout the production lifecycle
by validating ideas about feature and discover new ideas from you are customers.

About Roadmap:

You may post new ideas that we may not have thought of yet and gain feedback from the community.

DE Environment’s goal is to have are workflow community driven and focus on needs from you are customers ensuring effective planning.

You can submit your feature request or enjoy the other users requests in the feature request forum.

Please read the requirements in the feature request guideline.


Tool Bake Wind

Custom baking wind settings on any sub mesh, more control for bending strength / random strength / tumbling strength.

Tool Bake AO

Custom Baking AO Ambient Occlusion into vertex of 3D models to improve project performance.


Tool Wind Controller

This feature adds ability to globally fade wind strength based on camera distance and set per users reequipments.


Tool FSP Controler

Demo scene simple FPS Controller including Standard, HDRP & URP.

Shader UI Effects

New shaders for sprite UI with custom effects.

Shader Triplanar

New shaders for Triplanar projection mapping.

In Progress

Shader Puddles

Simple fast puddle shaders supporting reflections.


Shader Ice

Simple Ice effects using parallax Layers.

Under Consideration

Tool Shader Variants

Realtime refresh shader variants and runtime stripping.

Tool Billboard Generation

Generate new billboards from any model including textures.

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