POWERFUL SHADER SOLUTIONS FOR UNITY Optimized for the most commonly used configurations needed in a game production and film industries.
Modular design to give you what you need when you need it.
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DE ENVIRONMENT Supported in Standard / URP / HDRP Over 100+ shaders included Made in Amplify Shader Editor Modular shader function design Installation Manager made easy Powerful tools and scripts Read Documentation ASSETS MADE WITH DE ENVIRONMENT Create immersive experiences with C.V.P custom vegetation packs created from scratch with real-world sourced textures, sounds and powered by DE Environment’s DEC shaders. Explore Library ENJOY THE COMMUNITY Providing the highest level of support to our community with multiple options to help ensure an exceptional customer experience. Join Discord Visit Forums
Custom Vegetation Packs
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A full range of shader solutions and more, our fucus is working with are customers providing maximum support delivering solutions and meeting the complex challenges found within a continually evolving industry.

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The latest well-organized documentation for shaders and tools to speed up learning.

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Professional studio quality shaders and tools to unify all your project workflows.

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Powerful tools to give your projects the edge it needs to stand out from others.

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A welcoming & supportive community from backgrounds in gaming & real-time film.

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Working closely with other major asset developers for the best possible experience.

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Custom Vegetation Packs

Japanese Garden

Create immersive experiences with this custom vegetation pack that was created from scratch collecting references, textures and sounds from japanese landscapes.

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Pine Woods

Create immersive experiences with this custom vegetation pack that was created from scratch collecting references, textures and sounds from real Pine Woods.

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Eucalyptus Forest

Create immersive experiences with this custom vegetation pack that was created from scratch collecting references, textures and sounds from real Eucalyptus Forests.

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Artificial Cells

Create unique sci-fi atmospheres for your projects with this strange environment pack that was created from scratch inspired on strange caves locations.

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What our Clients Say

Like everyone has said this is a great set of shaders and has every shader you could ever need and if one is missing you want just join the DE discord and the DE team will probably add it for you and also help you with any other problem you may have.- Xulain, SineSpace Developer
It is shader and not a toon shader but all of nature greens looks superb real. Fully customisable shader with so many function to play around. Wind system are nice too.- Tony Lewis, VR Developer
Huge collection of shaders and Amplify Shader Editor building blocks. You can customize every aspect of the shading at a macro level using the built-in functions or go in-depth for even more control. It contains all the shaders you need at a really good price!- BOXOPHOBIC, Unity Asset Store Publisher
Great collection of shaders and dedicated support! I got it to improve mtree trees shaders and was surprised with the amount of shaders it has, from tessellation surface shaders to cloth ones. Support on discord is top notch.- Kohwalter, Indie Game Designer