Getting Started

Getting Started
Documentation how-to quick start setup with DE Manager window.
Table of Content
DE Manager – Open / Overview

Find and open Unity’s menu dropdown tab for Window and under DE Environment select “DE Manager”​
Window/ DE Environment / DE Manager​

In DE Manager select the tab for “Setup”​
Step 1 – Setup Import Package​
Step 2 – Load Demo Scene​
Step 3 – Setup Rendering​
Step 4 – Setup Lighting​

DE Manager – Setup Import Package

DE Manager will auto detect the installed unity version and display the appliable packages.

You will need to select the correct unity pipeline for your project and press “Import” tab​

  • Render Pipeline – Standard​
  • Render Pipeline – HDRP​
  • Render Pipeline – URP
DE Manager – Load Demo Scene

Carefully select the demo scenes listed under your projects installed pipeline version:

  • Render Pipeline – Standard​
  • Render Pipeline – HDRP​​
  • Render Pipeline – URP​
Desert Oasis​
DE Manager – Setup Rendering

Render Path: shaders are designed in Deferred Render Path​
Unity – Manual: Rendering paths in the Built-in Render Pipeline (

Color Space: shaders are designed in Linear Color Space​
Unity – Manual: Color space (

Set API Compatibility Level: sets configuration for .NET 4.x​
Unity – Scripting API: ApiCompatibilityLevel (​

DE Manager – Setup Lighting

Use Unity Linear Intensity: sets Unity to correct lighting for working in *Linear Color Space​
Unity – Scripting API: Rendering.GraphicsSettings.lightsUseLinearIntensity (​

Use Unity Color Temperature: adds functions settings into directional light component

Bake Lighting: Opens Unity’s lighting panel, If Bakery is used the Bakery lighting panel should open ​

Note: ​Unity’s default lighting applies incorrect lighting curve to color of light sources, “Use Unity Linear Intensity” enables correct curve Linear curves thru scripting. ​

(Users may revert changes anytime by unchecking options)​

New color temperature are added on your unity lighting components:​

  • Directional Light
  • Spot Light
  • Point Light
  • Area Light​

New shortcut settings are added on each unity lighting components for easy access